Aircrafts and Canmore on Unsplash

As I open up the “post” collection of links these days, I open up 3 tabs – one with a WordPress “Add New Post,” one with the Hemingway Editor and one with Unsplash. I use Unsplash for images when I share the post on Twitter, on the ALearningaDay Facebook page and on LinkedIn.

Thanks to Unsplash, however, I frequently find myself admiring some of the photos. Below are 3 photos I admired today.

I’ve looked at this photo multiple times. I’d love to know where this is. But, there’s something both beautiful and haunting. How did the aircraft end up there? What’s the story?

This is a cloudy Macchu Picchu. I’ve always found Macchu Picchu intriguing and I hope to hike up this peak sometime.

This photo in Canmore, Canada, is just stunning.

Great photographs are such wonderful reminders of the power of still images to tell stories and ask important questions. These photos inspired awe while reminding me that there’s a lot more to life than simply driving “shareholder value.” :-)

Unsplash is special thanks to the many generous photographers who share their photos for free. Thank you to all of you. Generosity is a beautiful thing.