What have you taught recently?

A simple way to ask yourself if you are maximizing your learning is by asking yourself – what have you taught recently?

Absorbing content or experiences is one thing. Teaching is quite another. Teaching requires you to synthesize – i.e., reflect on the content or experience, boil things down to what really matters and frame it in a way that makes it easy to retain that information.

The best part about the act of teaching is that you don’t need an audience. You can teach a concept to a dog on a walk or to the trees. Or, you can write it all down on a blog that is likely just read by your mom (let’s face it, that’s most of our blogs :)).

We learn when we synthesize information. And, teaching is a wonderful excuse to synthesize.

If you’re not taking the time to teach and share, you’re likely not learning as much as you think you are.