Will this matter in 10 years?

There’s a good chance that you’re faced with one of the following today –

  • An opportunity to be annoyed about something trivial
  • A realization that someone upset you
  • Awareness about someone you don’t like who seems to have gotten ahead in their careers or gotten rich
  • Frustration at something that didn’t go your way
  • A desire for a quick fix to a problem that requires thought

When any of this happens, just ask – “Will this matter in 10 years?”

It is amazing what happens when we react to short term emotions by thinking about the long term. Most things that annoy, upset, or worry us don’t matter in the long term. We realize that, in the long term, we’ll likely only care about having learnt and grown through our journey, done our best to do work that matters and built a few strong, trusting, relationships.

The rest is gravy.

When in doubt, optimize for the long term.