First things

What are the first things you do when you wake up in the morning? What are the first things you do when you show up to work?

In both cases, we have choices. For example, as soon as we wake up, we can –

  • Roll over and check email
  • Give our partner a hug
  • Think about what we’re grateful for
  • Roll over and check our Facebook feeds
  • Write down our plans for the day
  • Open up our work email or laptop
  • Take a deep breath and take in the fresh air
  • Do some stretches

We all have some action we default to. This default action, in turn, has far reaching consequences through the day. For starters, it determines the mindset and energy we start the day with. And, that combination of mindset and energy determines the quality of our thoughts and actions through the day.

Like most defaults, our default first actions are powerful.

Choose them intentionally, we must.