Reflections after a broken pipe

 One of the pipes below our apartment broke yesterday. As it’ll be Monday before it is fixed, all our access to water is temporarily restricted to one tap and one shower. I had two reflections from the experience.
First, as is generally the case, we only realize the value of something when it is taken away. And, we’re definitely finding how inconvenient it can be to clean, cook, and do things we’d not have given much thought to. It is so important that we look around and remember to be grateful for what we have. Every one of us has more things to be grateful for than we know.
Second, we are fortunate that our inconvenience is temporary. This made me think about the millions of people on the planet who don’t have easy access to water. And, in many of these cases, despite the lengths they go to, they don’t get to access clean water. For the many of us who live in places where we take both the access and purity of our water for granted, it is hard to even imagine the worlds of pain they go through.
Luckily, there are ways you and I can help. I started a recurring monthly donation to Charity : Water a few months back thanks to a wise friend who is a big fan. I love their model – 100% of what you donate goes straight to helping provide people access to clean water. Their operations and costs are funded by a few large donors. So, a small monthly amount from you can go a long way.
It is hard to focus on education and productivity if you don’t have access to the basics. Access to water is definitely one of those. Here’s to organizations like Charity : Water who’re working toward that mission.