Lessons learnt from buying the Quartz book

The excellent Quartz newsletter turned 5 years old a few days ago. As part of their 5 year anniversary celebration, they announced they’re selling a book – “The Objects that Power the Global Economy.” They described it as a book that is “equal parts art and journalism.”

I bought it immediately. I didn’t bother reading the rest of the page with more details about the book.

I read the Quartz newsletter every Monday-Saturday and have been doing so for 2 years. It is my go to for news and it always delivers great content while also being easy to read. Buying the book was just a natural next step.

I took away two lessons from watching myself take action on this book.

First, our reputation often precedes us. Quartz has a stellar reputation in my world. And, I expect the book to be no different. This expectation comes without having read a single page.

Second, there are many ways to build a great reputation. But, one of the most reliable ways is to show up every day and do good work.