Is it really a serious problem?

There are 3 kinds of problems that deserve to be called serious problems in my book –

  1. Matters of life and death
  2. Anything that causes tremendous pain or illness
  3. Anything that affects the ability to get access to food or find shelter

Given the quality of modern, urban life, many of us rarely encounter serious problems. So, we get lax about our definitions. Suddenly, a deadline that’s slipping, a tough conversation or a setback on a project can be labelled  a serious problem.

Every one of us faces challenges and obstacles. But, most of these aren’t serious (thank the force for that). The moment we label such challenges as “serious problems,” we give them far too much importance and reduce our ability to channel our limited bandwidth on tackling problems that actually make a difference in the long run.

Perspective is the biggest gift we can give ourselves.