Always on is always unhappy

There’s a lot of talk about how our current generation of human beings is “always on.” We’re always connected, always checking our feeds and emails and always texting.

The price we pay is an overwhelming sense of unhappiness. We seek to get rid of tension, postpone thought and shun solitude by looking into our phones.

But, it is precisely those things that help develop self awareness, help us grow and get better. And, there’s no happiness without such awareness, love and growth.

It may be hard, depending on what you do, to consider a life that embraces the opposite. But, it is possible for us to find middle ground. Less checking, more switching off, more depth and quitting any social media that isn’t making us better.

Always on is a recipe for always unhappy. Happiness (the state, not the feeling of pleasure) rarely accompanies more time with our devices.

Always on isn’t a necessity.

We have a choice.