When do you feel owed

One way to live your life is to always feel owed.

How does that work? Well, you likely did something for somebody and they never returned paid you back. But, to add insult to injury, they don’t even acknowledge it much these days.

That ungrateful wretch. You’ll show them when you get a chance.

Of course, you probably way overestimated the impact of what you did.

But, that’s not even point.

Expectations are toxic. And, carrying these expectations with you just increases the amount of toxic material in your brain. It doesn’t just mess with how you think, it also messes with every other thought in your system.

Nobody owes you anything. You do things because they either make you feel better or because they appeal to some inner sense of purpose. So, if you’re walking around feeling owed, you’re inviting unhappiness.

Every once a while, it’s worth asking – “When do you feel owed? What does it take for me to feel owed?” And, find ways to take the time to shed all those expectations you are carrying around. Life feels lighter and better.