News and essential newsletters

I am not a big fan of the news as it nearly always leaves me feeling worse at the end of engaging with it. Avoiding the news isn’t the solution, however. So, my approach has been to rely on newsletters.

I love newsletters. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as I send a daily newsletter (this blog) and a bi-weekly newsletter (The Notes by Ada Project) myself. I wouldn’t do it to others if I didn’t love it myself. :)

So, here are a few of the newsletters I make sure I read. Some of these are about the news. But, mostly, they’re just great pieces of content.

Every morning
1. The Quartz Daily Brief: Love the news and the collection of interesting content from the internet that they share between Monday-Saturday.
2. The Economist Espresso: More news focused. High quality. Delivered Monday-Saturday. Thanks Federico (a reader who since begins most emails introducing himself as the guy who suggested The Economist Espresso :-)), for recommending this. [Update as of 2019: I’ve stopped reading this and have opted for simplicity with Quartz.]
3. Stratechery by Ben Thompson: Excellent tech newsletter. I pay for the subscription and receive 4 articles per week. It is well worth it.
4. Seth Godin’s blog: The best blog there is. Delivers every day.

Weekend reads
1. Benedict Evans’ Newsletter: A few links that summarize interesting/big movements in tech from the week.
2. The Exponential View by Azeem Azhar: A collection of interesting links on a varied set of topics. I’ve just begun subscribing to this over the past month and have found the collection fascinating.

There are many other blogs I read of course (I’ll share the list another time) but these are my essentials. I feel the day/week is incomplete if I haven’t read these.

I hope you find the list useful.