Meetings you aren’t invited to

Over the years, I’ve observed an unbelievable amount of human angst in organizations caused by meetings that are currently out-of-reach.

Everyone would love to be part of “that” important meeting.

The only issue is that there is no end to meetings you aren’t invited to. After all, there’s always that more important meeting that you aren’t invited to that “those folk” go to. When you are a Director, it is the Senior Directors meeting. When you are a Senior Director, it is the Vice Presidents meeting and so on.

It never ends.

And, besides, like most meetings, most of the meetings you weren’t invited to are just time sinks anyway. Meetings don’t necessarily get better as you move up the hierarchy.

Defining your satisfaction at work by the meetings you are invited to isn’t a winning strategy. So much better to focus on shipping great work and learning to run whatever meetings you are involved in well.

In the long run, you will be part of all the meetings you need to be.