Writing about the same things

I was reflecting about yesterday’s post on the “Don’t Do” list. While that is a new experiment whose results, by definition, are uncertain, I wondered why I didn’t try it in earnest when I first wrote about it five years ago.

I realized it is because I haven’t written about it enough.

Ideas I really care about appear on this blog many times over the years. A search for “Circle of influence”  or “Focus on process” shows many posts over the years that explore the topic from various angles. I’m still not an expert in either. But, I certainly am much better by virtue of thinking about them often, experimenting, failing and changing my approach.

This idea is the key to any kind of personal change. We need to obsess about the change, commit to it, keep trying various approaches, and keep re-committing to it.

And, writing about it many times over is an obvious signal that I care enough to obsess over it.

Here’s to writing more about the same things.