$299 learning

6 years or so ago, I discovered Lumosity. Lumosity is an online program full of games that claim to improve memory and problem solving. I tried the service for a month and enjoyed playing those games. And, in one impulsive moment, I decided to buy a lifetime offer that showed up on the payment page.

Why spend every month when I can have membership for a lifetime?

Of course, I stopped using the service a few days later.

Ever since, I’ve instituted a 24 hour rule for a big unexpected purchase. If I suddenly see an offer for something I didn’t intend to buy, I sleep over it. (Or, better yet, I also ask my wife for her opinion during that time)

The rule has saved me a lot of money and spared a ton of unnecessary buyers remorse over the years. It is amazing how quickly something that seems incredibly tempting feels unnecessary once you give it a bit of thought.

The 24 hour rule works beautifully to deal with other such impulses too – acting out in anger, responding with frustration, among others.

Time is a powerful decision aide.