Great jobs are point-of-time references

A friend said something wise to me the other day – “Great jobs are point-of-time references.”

A great job is generally a combination of a few things –

  1. A location that you love
  2. An industry that might be thriving
  3. A company with a great culture and environment
  4. A role whose scope is appealing
  5. People who you work with who are inspiring

While dynamics around location and industry rarely change all of a sudden, a lot can change around the company, role and people. Senior leadership may change, the scope of the role could shrink and folks who you love working with could leave.

There are two lessons in here.

First, understand which of the 5 priorities (location, industry, company, role, people) matter most at any given point. That helps optimize for them.

Second, we rarely really know what we’re really signing up for. The best we can do is sign up for change and embrace it when it inevitably happens.