Helping thyself

I’ve read many self help books over the years. Good self help books are books on psychology at their core.

The logic is straightforward – changing ourselves requires us to change how we think. And, it is hard to change how you think if you don’t understand why we think a certain way in the first place.

There’s been a huge influx of really good self help/happiness/psychology books over the years. It isn’t enough to read one of them to inspire change – repetition definitely helps. But, after a point, they do begin to share the same principles packaged in slightly different ways. And, in the past six months, I’ve found myself consciously resisting the newer titles I purchased.

I’ve generally mixed different kinds of books – the odd autobiography, the book on history or technology. But, I’ve always had a self help book in the mix. I think that is no longer going to be the case – at least for a while. I will, of course, always be one of those who strongly believes self help books have an undeserved bad reputation. These books have changed my life and, if you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll give them a shot.

What is interesting is that my takeaway after a decade of reading these books is – just aim to live the 7 Habits. That should be no surprise to folks who’ve been reading these notes over the years. But, it is amazing that I’ve come right back to where I started 8 years or so ago.

As T.S.Elliot might have said – “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”