Pacing yourself

As great soccer players become older, you notice a change in a key attribute to their game – their ability to pace themselves.

Ten years prior, they might have spent the game chasing the ball and harrying their opponents. But, now, they’re careful about when they choose to sprint. They’ve got fewer sprints in them and have to make them count.

Whether it is a a work week, a speech, a marathon, a marketing campaign or life, this ability to pace ourselves is a marker of experience. A great speaker knows that turning up her volume is key to making a point. It isn’t possible to be at full pelt every minute of every day. It is also not effective.

Carrying a sense of urgency with us as we live our lives helps us get things done. And, marrying that with the ability to pace ourselves helps us and those around us focus our sprints for when they really matter.

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