Few mentors, more heroes and many wiser friends

I’ve seen a few variants of questions around how people can find mentors. I’ve come to think about it such –

Few mentors: First, looking for mentors is a futile exercise because it involves a combination of chemistry and circumstance. It happens every once a while and can be special if it works out right. But, it isn’t worth expending a ton of energy trying to seek it out.

More heroes: We have the opportunity to learn from more heroes today than ever before. We have access to their books and blogs. All we need to do is ask ourselves – “What would __ do?”

Many wiser friends: If we’re lucky, a few of these mentors and heroes will become friends – wiser friends at that. The beautiful thing about such friendships is that we get the opportunity to learn from them up close and seek advice without the pressure of mentorship.

At the end of the day, your journey is but your own. And, while it is incredibly important to seek help along the way from people who have the right intentions and useful context or perspective, it is critical that you keep honing your intuition and plugging away.

Keep getting better, keep plugging away. Be your own mentor, hero and friend. Learning has to start from within.

(HT: Seth’s post on Mentors and Heroes and A LinkedIn post by Jason Fried reminding us to seek fewer mentors – both of whom said it better)

2 thoughts on “Few mentors, more heroes and many wiser friends”

  1. Great post! There’s so much talk these days about “finding a mentor” blah, blah, blah… You cut to the heart of the matter. True mentorship is rare and hard to find. Not saying that one shou;d not work toward it just that I agree it’s not the best use of energy.

    1. Yup.

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