Thank you, Murphy

Edward A Murphy Jr was an Air Force captain and reliability engineer. He once visited the Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California to deliver some gauges for a mission to determine the amount of force a human body could sustain during a crash.

The gauges malfunctioned. And, Murphy reportedly said grumbled – “If there’s any way they can do it wrong, they will.”

This line became known to us as Murphy’s law that came to be known as “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Murphy inadvertently inspired areas like auto safety that worked hard to identify every possibility of failure and, in that process, saved millions of lives.

The spirit of Murphy’s law is one that both inspiring and applicable to us in our lives – especially for those of us who tend to be look at situations from an optimist’s point of view. Take the time to think about what might go wrong and prepare ourselves to deal with issues. Or, as a lovely alternate version of the saying goes – “Expect problems, and eat them for breakfast.”

Thank you, Murphy, for the inspiration.