Your plans and the universe’s plans for you

Someone I know loves sharing this graphic from Doghouse Diaries – Your plans versus the universe’s plans for you.

your plans, universe plans for you

The image is deep and there are many things we can take away from this. So, I thought I’d start Monday by sharing three of my favorite observations.

First, specific outcome plans are useless. So, just get the direction right and commit to a process that’ll help you get started. The middle and end will look very different once you get there.

Second, expect problems. This sounds so elementary. And, yet, problems surprise us far too often. One of my goals is to eliminate complaints from my life. And, the only way to do that is to truly take problems in my stride. So, I have a long way to go here.

Third, more people want you to succeed than you know. Organizational politics and a few bad experiences can color our perspective on this. There is always help – we just need to look for it in the right places. People make our journeys special.

More than anything, this comic reminds us that the universe’s plans for us are generally challenging, learning filled and infinitely more interesting.

Thank you, universe, for that. It is such a privilege to be alive, healthy and to be given the opportunity to make this all count.

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  1. Love this! “Specific outcome plans are useless”, that doesn’t sound very MBA’ish to me. :-P

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