The greatest privilege of them all

Privilege is a special right or advantage granted to some. We tend to think of it as something granted to the rich or powerful.

But, more of us are more privileged than we think.

We certainly exhibit some of the behaviors that accompany it. Anger, unhappiness, and irritation are examples of such behaviors. They are rarely useful and are almost always born out of unfulfilled expectations. And, the presence of expectations and a propensity to act in a nonconstructive manner are the surest signs of the presence of privilege.

But, here’s the best part. We can choose to put those expectations aside and simply commit to doing good work. Starting today.

It is as simple as it sounds. Simply choose to make every moment meaningful by engaging wholly with life. Starting now. No time or patience for frustration or irritation or unhappiness – just a focused commitment to making progress and making our time and energy count.

When we’re blessed with good health and a sufficient amount of security, we get the opportunity to simply plug away on doing work that matters. Today. Then, we can learn, earn, show up and do better work tomorrow. Your work isn’t just what you do at the office of course. Your body of work is everything you do – it is the effort that goes into showing up for yourself, for those who you love and for those who count on you.

To be able to have no expectations and to do good work – that is the greatest privilege of them all.

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  1. I really like this one. Thanks for an excellent positive perspective to start my day with!

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