The life sine wave

Equanimity, as a concept, really fascinated me for the longest time. It wasn’t something I managed at any stage in the first 20 odd years of my life. I simply moved up and down with the flow of life. However, writing every day on this blog gave me a sense of balance and perspective that I’d never managed. So, the time felt right to give equanimity a shot. And, the concept that helped me make progress the most was the idea of the life sine wave.

A sinusoidal or sine wave is a curve with periodic oscillations. While a normal sine wave has periodic oscillations, life’s waves aren’t as periodic. But, they’re just as predictable. Some days are “up” days and other days are “down” days. So, if it is an up day, you know there’s a down day coming and vice versa.

The beauty of understanding and accepting this is that you don’t take either kind of day to heart. You understand that this will pass and all you can do is keep plugging away and doing your best.

That acceptance is the first step toward equanimity.