3 words come to mind as I think of entering my 28th year – engagement, perspective, and faith.

Engagement. Engagement is my theme for the year. For the longest time, I was fascinated by a quote from a zen master that said – “The essence of zen is to be able to focus on one thing at a time.” So simple and, yet, so profound. That is my goal this year – to be engaged through my days and to focus on one thing at a time. As I live these days, so I live my life.

Perspective. Thanks to immigration related issues, there’s a fair bit of uncertainty as to where we’ll be a few months from now. While we’re doing everything we can to sort this out, there’s little we actually control. However, as much as we’d love for the uncertainty to go away, I recognize that the “worst case” isn’t a “worst case” after all. A combination of some hard work and a few lucky breaks have ensured we don’t have to worry about the basics. That privilege is a reminder of how much I owe and is a wonderful source of perspective. The beauty of this perspective, in turn, is that it enables me to keep good humor as I go through the inevitable ups and downs. And, I hope to keep that combination of good humor and perspective with me as I engage through my days this year.

Faith. Yuval Harari’s Sapiens drove home a beautiful point. As humans, we all worship some faith. It might be traditional religions like Christianity, Islam or Hinduism or it could be non-traditional ideologies like liberalism, communism or even celebrity culture. David Foster Wallace, in his legendary commence speech – “This is Water” – wisely asked us to “be careful what you worship.”

I had an epiphany yesterday that my faith of choice is learning. And, I’ve come to be thankful for such a wonderfully benevolent faith that ignores the nature of what happens and just reminds me to ask – “What am I learning from this experience?”

Here’s to engagement, perspective and learning this year. Hope you all have a lovely day. :)

(Past birthday notes: 2726, 25, 2423)

13 thoughts on “28”

  1. Hey Happy B-Day Rohan! I hope you don’t feel ‘old.’

    You’re just getting started!

  2. I missed your birthday, Rohan, wishing you a beautiful year ahead! Wondering about the immigration shenanigans you allude to and trusting that whatever you need you will receive…sounds like that’s already underway. You have my support and if there’s any way I can help don’t hesitate to ask. I’ve so very much valued your knowledge, inspiration and positive good spirit. Looking forward to another rich year ahead as a fortunate member of your readership!

    1. Thank you so much for that lovely note, Mary Ellen. :) Very grateful for the kind wish.

      And, so glad the learning as a faith idea resonated. :)

  3. One more thing…I love the concept of learning as a faith of choice. As you say this, I recognize that I’ve been a devout learner for as long as I can remember. Like you, my faith in learning is abiding. I’m gonna hang onto that concept and will quote you as I pass this notion along.

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