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“How many apps are open right now?” – I asked myself as I decided to close apps running in the background on my phone.

I guessed 4 or 5 apps. But, there were close to 20 apps open and running in the background.

This happens nearly every time I decide to close apps. I underestimate how easily app baggage accumulates.

It struck me that mental and physical baggage accumulates just the same way – silently and continuously.

So, it is our responsibility to create a regular de-cluttering routine to clear enough space to enable us to be conscious and engaged. This could be regular reflection, meditation, a walk in the woods or a shower. It doesn’t matter which approach we choose.

It just matters that we choose one.

3 thoughts on “Open apps”

  1. I know it looks that way on your phone, but the apps aren’t “open”. What you see is a screen shot stored to disk backed by a size limited file with most recent state. They aren’t “running” in any sense of the word.

    Please don’t do this. It’s actively bad.

    All you’re actually doing is burning up your battery by making re-launching of the apps longer, wasting your time, and generating loss aversion responses every time you “close” one. What you’re getting in a few MB back from storage and preventing the display of screen shots which you’d have to go looking for (by actively swiping) anyway.

    Please consider *deleting* an app instead. Surely there’s one which you simply don’t need any more. Deleting just one app is actual de-cluttering. If you want to get really excited, turn of notifications for all but a handful of apps.


    P.s. The 1st and 3rd paragraphs are true, assuming you have an iOS phone. If you have an Android one, and you care about this sort of thing, time to switch. iOS is superior to Android specifically in terms of constraints on how an app can demand the user’s attention.

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