A step closer

Today is an opportunity to move a step closer to our aspirational self.

Somewhere, deep within, we probably have an ideal self we all aspire to be like. This ideal self is either wiser, more engaged, healthier, more focused or whatever we imagine it to be.

Today, we reset our scoreboard, ignore our past and start anew.

So, let’s pick one thing, just one thing, and live today as our ideal self would. It could be exercising like our ideal self would. Or, maybe we’d just engage with people with a patience we don’t usually exhibit.

If it goes well, we’ll be one step closer and will try to keep the streak until it becomes part of who we are now.

And, if we slip, let’s try again tomorrow anyway. After all, there is no failure in this endeavor. Only learning.

PS: It helps if one of our aspirational self’s attributes is continuous learning. No matter what happens in our endeavors today, learning is guaranteed.

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