Disproportionate energy

There are sure to be small things in your day that infuse you with a disproportionate amount of energy.

It could be a cup of coffee after lunch, a walk by yourself, a piece of delicious chocolate cake, or an extra hour of sleep.

If you know what there are, then it might be time to allow yourself that boost. Often, denying them just means thinking about them for the rest of the day or spending willpower attempting to resist.

If a small investment can give you a disproportionate energy boost the rest of the day, it is likely worth it. Engagement takes energy and we generally need all the boosts we can get.

We don’t make an impact by the number of hours we put into life. Instead, we make an impact by the number of hours we engage with life.

8 thoughts on “Disproportionate energy”

  1. I think for this kind of engagement, one needs to already have a certain amount of self awareness to differentiate between what is truly energizing (maybe that cuppa after lunch) and what is just bad discipline (that yummy chocolate cake, for example) as the latter would bring about guilt and take away even more energy. While I agree with the point you are trying to make, I find its for individuals already at an advanced level of self improvement. Nice read, as always :)


  2. Ohh.. now that you have a baby in the house you agree with cups of coffee & chocolate cake I see :) …haha

  3. In the post on mission statement, one of the metrics for a successful life was limiting the number of marginal just-this-one-time choices we make.
    I feel slightly dissonant with these small investments discussed.
    Although with Akshata’s comment, it makes more sense.
    Wonderful read :)

  4. Wait!?! I don’t have to “hustle” 24/7!? I don’t have to always be “on my grind!?”

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