Internal tension and conflict

Internal tension and conflict are to be welcomed, not avoided.

We have two selves within us – our primitive, amygdala driven, emotional self and our more modern, pre-front cortex driven, rational self. If that wasn’t enough, our brain also broadly splits into two parts – the more creative (right brain) and the more logical (left brain).

Given these differences, at any given point, we’re going to have different parts of us wanting different things. For example, on a vacation, our right brain may want no structure. But, our left brain may want us to plan and accomplish more. And, when we’re stuck on whether or not to spend money on fun, our rational self may disagree. Similarly, we might feel our rational self calculating the odds of a new project while our emotional self is pushing for it. Or, vice versa depending on our risk tolerance.

But, there’s unmistakable value in this conflict. Our vacations may be a whole lot fulfilling if we got a bit done. And, maybe there’s a cheaper and equally fun alternative to that expense. And, perhaps we could do more to mitigate a few of the risks of that new project before diving in anyway.

The parts of us that provide dissenting opinions are not to be ignored. Conquering fear is courage. Ignoring it is generally a sign of stupidity.

We need to learn to dance with our internal tension and conflict. It is in reconciling this tension and conflict that great things are done.

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  1. Things grow strong through tension. Tension will cause you to start thinking whereas stress will cause you to start drinking… :-D

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