I thought I’d pause normal service for a small celebration today. This is post number 4031 on ALearningaDay.

I knew I was approaching 4000 posts a couple of months ago. But, I only pay attention to the numbers every once a while. So, it was nice to find look up and find that that milestone had passed by.

I also thought I’d share an update I’d worked on over the past couple of weeks – I updated the logo. I would be surprised if you noticed the change. It is still a word cloud and it still has “A Learning a Day” running through the center in green text. However, the words have gone through a significant update. A close friend had helped create the first version with the kinds of words he thought this blog stood for few years back. I loved the idea and wanted to change the words. While I think (he and) I had an idea of the kind of words this blog stood for then, I think I have a far better idea now. So, I went back to Wordle.net and worked on it.

I hope they resonate with you as much as they do with me. :)

I said yesterday, in jest, to a friend that “Life is full of life lessons.” We laughed at how obvious it sounded. It is in so many ways. And, yet, it sometimes isn’t. Showing up here 4031 times has taught me just how many life lessons there really are.

And, of course, this wouldn’t really be a blog without you. Thank you for your support through various parts of this learning filled journey. It means a lot.

12 thoughts on “4031”

  1. haha at first I thought you were going to do a review on Stephen King’s horror book ‘Room 1403’ (I think that’s the number).

    But wow, congrats Rohan! I hope, one day, to reach a blog post number like that as well!

    For whatever it’s worth, I approve of the new words on the logo :)
    They seem much more aligned with what you write about.

  2. Yay for #4000! And I like the new word cloud, seems to reflect the shift in your though process over the years as well. Hope I’ll be around for #8000 as well :)

    1. So glad! That word cloud took a bit of work. ;-)

      Here’s hoping that both of us are plugging away at 8000!

      Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing all these years Shweta! :-)

  3. I look forward to reading your blog everyday… Yes indeed life is full of lessons… both easy and difficult.. either way they assist us as we journey to that place of “better” “true” self. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey and many times leading the way! Wishing you peace and every good… may all your actions be guided by kindness compassion love and the desire to learn!!!

  4. WOW! Congratulations Rohan! I’ve only been here for a fraction of those lessons but I am grateful each day your share arrives in my inbox.

  5. Rohan, I’ve been following your blog for close to a year now and thought now was a good time to leave my first comment. Congratulations!:) It’s amazing the level of maturity and self-awareness you possess for someone so young. I’ve found all of your posts to be extremely insightful,actionable, and from such a balanced and humble perspective. Here’s looking forward to the next 4000. Thanks for writing and sharing, everyday :)

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