Laundry Love – The 200 words project

Ventura is a beautiful beach city just north of Los Angeles and home to Greg Russinger.  Greg was very passionate about engaging people in his city to bring relief to those in need. One day while walking with T-Bone, one of his many friends from the street, Greg asked him, “Is there anything I can do to help you with your daily needs?” The response was instant, “clean clothes”.

Clean clothes would remove barriers to human interaction and increase self-esteem, he explained. So, Greg approached a local Laundromat and requested permission to allow him and a group of friends to come in and sponsor washes for those living under the poverty line. Thus, Laundry Love was born.

Laundry love soon gained momentum in Ventura and has now touched over 450,000 people. All of this happened because Greg asked T-Bone what would help instead of assuming what might be useful. There is something powerful about spending time in the environment of the people you hope to reach with your product or service and listening to the ones you hope to serve.

If I had clean clothes I think people would treat me like a human being. – T-Bone

Source and thanks to: Good Idea, Now What? By Charles Lee

(The 200 words project involves sharing a story from a book/blog/article I’ve read within 200 words)

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  1. It is always amazing how something successful can be born out of a simply idea, suggestion or conversation :)

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