Science and art

Most pursuits have an element of both science and art. The art is decidedly where things get cool. This under-the-legs shot by Roger Federer, in his prime, is an example of just that.


He didn’t just attempt it. He won the rally by hitting that audacious shot. In the US Open Semi Final. Art.

Art connects us in beautiful ways. And, it makes sense that we’d all love to be artists making things that connect people.

There is, however, one thing to keep in mind – it generally requires a mastery of the science to get to the art. Every artist is an expert at the basics. We need to understand the natural laws and what we can do with them before we figure out how to coax them to allow us to do creative things.

If you ever find yourself wondering why there are so few artists, it isn’t because of a lack of artistic courage. It is probably because there aren’t enough who do the work to get the science right.

5 thoughts on “Science and art”

  1. I mean seriously what the f*** are you supposed to do with that! Did you see the guy in the stands reaction at the 30 second mark. He’s like Oh My God!!! And that’s all you can say…

  2. Very well put Rohan.

    A lot of times, when one calls something art, it merely is because he/she has not done the hard work to understand the science behind that.

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