Default setting

There’s plenty of great research that shows that our actions are heavily biased by the default option. Given how important defaults are to our decision making, every once a while, it is helpful to ask ourselves – what is our default setting?

For instance, we can choose to:

– Trust or to doubt.

– Take responsibility or make excuses.

– Read a non-fiction book or scroll further down our Facebook feed.

– Ask the hard question or stay silent.

– Acknowledge mistakes and learn from them or pretend they didn’t happen.

– Observe or judge.

– Save or spend.

– Respond with fantastic attitude or be defensive and prickly.

– Love or hate.

– Exercise or watch TV.

– Care or be ambivalent.

Whatever the decision, our actions are likely to follow our default setting.

It is on us to choose wisely.

6 thoughts on “Default setting”

  1. Very interesting concept, Rohan. You make me think about my default settings and I have to say that I’m not all proud of them. Time to give those a fix. :)


    1. Oh. my. This is very very very very good.

      Thanks for sharing, Shweta. I thought I’d wait till morning, check out the transcript and then respond. So totally worth it.

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