A higher standard of discourse

It is tough to maintain a higher standard of discourse.

Thoughtful blog posts don’t win popularity contests.

Great pieces of journalism don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

Smart television rarely gets a massive audience.

On the other hand, slap stick comedy always seems to win the day. Articles spewing hate regularly get massive reach. And, there seems to be a never ending market for superficial stuff.

There’s always an excuse for not holding ourselves to a higher standard of discourse. But, when has the presence of an excuse changed anything?

We owe it to ourselves to hold ourselves to a higher standard – to ask the tough questions and to talk about the tough stuff. It won’t be for the likes, of course.

We will do it because we care… and mostly because we can.

6 thoughts on “A higher standard of discourse”

  1. Did a little air fist-pump when I read this.
    Reminds me of chasing data-driven decisions instead of focusing on doing what we truly care about.
    Oh yeah, and I read the term “anti-clickbait” somewhere recently. It’s a thing. The pendulum is has gone almost as far as it’ll go. . .

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