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Which book are you reading now?

Seth Godin had a fantastic post a few days back called “Fully Baked.” His observation is spot on. Surgeons, lawyers, and the like need to keep studying to keep their licenses. On the other hand, the rest of us can continue working without really reading or understanding what is going on in our domains. His push to us – “Show me your bookshelf, or the courses you take, or the questions you ask, and I’ll have a hint as to how much you care about levelling up.”

Excited? Great. Now, let’s tackle that elusive question – which book do you read? I’ve realized that book recommendations are hard to do right because of two reasons – timing and interest. First, the same books hit us with varying impact depending on where we are in our lives. Second and more obvious, reading a book in a topic or industry of our interest makes a big difference too.

So, when I’m asked for book recommendations, I generally share the link to my book reviews blog – www.RohanRajiv.com. I review and share notes from books I have read here every three months or so. It contains every non-fiction book I’ve read in the past 8 years. They are sorted by category and by rating. Priority 1 or “Read ASAP” are books I consider incredibly powerful. But, that need not be the case for you.

However, biased as I am, I think it is be a good place to start. Once you do this, feel free to send me (rohan at rohanrajiv.com) the five books that sound most interesting along with a sense of what you are looking to explore or learn. I would be happy to recommend a couple based on what I know. You can also choose to take a sneak peek at what I learnt from the “Book notes” link at the bottom of reviews in the past couple of years.

This is probably not exactly what you are looking for. But, it is an open offer to anyone reading this – I am happy to work with you to answer the “which book?” question. It is a great question. One of these books you decide to read is sure to change your life.

I hope it helps.

8 thoughts on “Which book”

  1. I’m reading The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman at the moment. It’s a pretty though-provoking book about to the “pursuit” of happiness. On the side, I always set aside an hour a day to read blogs. I’m a blogger, after all. ;)

    Thanks for sharing your book review site, I’ll check it out. It’s always great to find more books to read!


  2. I am currently reading Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb. I’ll be heading over to your site for some more recommendations. Thanks again Rohan!

      1. Fascinating, sobering and worth reading. HT to Cal Newport (decided to read it on his recommendation.)

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