To daily heroes

We saw “The Piano Guys” live in a small and beautiful concert a few weeks back. Regulars here know how much I love their music. It turns out that their personalities are as wonderful as their music and it came through as they spoke to us between songs. I took away two powerful messages from my time with them. I thought I’d share the first today – an ode to daily heroes.

Steven Sharp Nelson, the talented Cellist, took to the mic to dedicate this song to the daily heroes. We all know who these heroes are.

The moms and dads who give everything to make sure their children are learning.

The partner who’s got your back.

The teachers who never give up.

The manager who simply cares a tremendous amount for her team.

The friend who you know you can rely on.

The guy at the restaurant who always shows up with a smile.

The janitor who does her job incredibly well, every day.

And to every one else who made a difference to your life.

The Piano Guys dedicated their rendition of “The Fight Song” to these daily heroes. After they did, we heard someone at the back talk about how Rachel Platten, the person who sung the song, spoke about it at the very same venue. She had been struggling for years as a waitress when she wrote that song as a message to herself to keep giving it her all. Fitting.


Thank you to all my daily heroes. It is you who make life the blessing it is.

PS: I listen to this just as I get into work on most days. The Cello at 1:23 is stunning. Thank you, Piano Guys.

PPS: Thanks to one of you, I just realized that my email feed has been down over the last couple of days. My apologies to the email subscribers. Hopefully the bug has been fixed.

8 thoughts on “To daily heroes”

  1. Each year I choose a song (and a word) that helps me come back to my why in momnents of doubt and hesitation. “This is my fight song” is my song for 2016 and I love this version almost as much as the one with words. Thank you!!!!! and Thank you for introducing me to “The piano guys”, I’d not heard of them.

    1. They are awesome, Tanya. Would highly recommend checking them out on YouTube.. and just letting them play in the background. And, they seem just as nice as humans as they are musicians.. and that’s saying something.

  2. I so look forward to your “penning” More times than you know you have inspired me and many of my friends reaching our heart and soul with your work and words. Thank you. Wishing you peace and every good

  3. So beautiful! Thanks for The Piano Guys introduction…they’re new to me. And thanks for your unending positivity and the careful attention you pay–and invite us to pay–to the best parts of daily living. The planet needs every drop of that and more. Be well and many thanks, Rohan.

    1. You are very kind, Mary Ellen. It is always lovely to hear from you.

      The Piano Guys are wonderful. I trust you I’ll enjoy listening to them. :)

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