Where energy and inspiration come from

Anton Chekhov once said – “Any idiot can face a crisis. It is day-to-day living that wears you out.” And, day-to-day living can play havoc with our ability to sustain positive, optimistic energy. That is especially the case if we don’t understand where energy and inspiration come from.

Where energy and inspiration come from, energy, optimism

Energy and inspiration come from a clarity of purpose – a clear understanding of why we’re doing what you’re doing. Absent this clarity, the day quickly becomes a grind. It is this clarity that enables us to be energetic and, then, inspirational. Our energy translates to inspiration when we’re able to communicate that clarity of purpose and transmit that energy onto others.

When we run out of energy, we’re often taught to look outside – “find some motivation.” So, we spend time surfing the internet looking for ways to inspire ourselves during a difficult workday with a nice article, video or song. But, motivation is extrinsic. It is a short term boost that may work for a few minutes, perhaps even a few hours. If we have to find a longer term solution, we will have to look within and answer that difficult question – “Does what I do matter? Why?”

There are no shortcuts to harnessing that internal energy. We need to take the time to lay out a hypothesis for why we think we exist and then be able to explain why what we spend time doing fits into that hypothesis. And, we have to remind ourselves about this why every day.

That’s how great things are built and great obstacles are overcome – one energetic, inspired, optimistic day at a time.

7 thoughts on “Where energy and inspiration come from”

  1. Thanks for the energy boost!!! Now I don’t need to have that Snickers bar. :-P

  2. Unlike in movies where events (bad or good) happens consecutively, our lives are made up of a lot of seemingly similar days.

    Inspirational post, thanks for reminding me to look back at why I do what I do. :)


  3. I know this, I just never said it in this manner. I live with purpose and have a vision of where I am heading.

  4. I can relate to day to day living wearing us down. We tend to get bogged down by seemingly tedious and mundane tasks, forgetting to look at the bigger picture…. the result that is produced by those tasks.

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