Little strokes of luck

I asked myself a question the other day – do I pay attention to little strokes of luck?

I was hoping for a package to arrive by 4:30pm as I needed to collect it from location A. I was planning on collecting some stuff from location A at 4:30pm anyway- so, this would be very convenient. If it didn’t arrive, I’d have to travel to location A again and lug that package.

It turns out the package arrived at the very moment I was about to leave. I was able to request the UPS person (despite his grumbles) to wheel it to the car so I wouldn’t have to push it all the way.

It was a small stroke of luck – but it worked out. And I was very grateful.

We all pay attention to the big strokes of luck in our lives. We clearly remember those times when, against all odds, things worked out. We also tend to vividly remember when luck deserted us.

When it comes to the small things, however, I find that our memory can play tricks with us. We remember those times when our queue took so much longer. But, we regularly forget when the little things work out. Or, at least my mind tends to do that. This incident was a nice reminder to be thankful for those small strokes of luck. As Richard Wiseman’s experiments on luck demonstrated, being open to the possibility of being lucky is a big part of being lucky. And, being grateful when things work out is a nice way of making sure we remain aware of and open to the possibility of getting lucky.

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2 thoughts on “Little strokes of luck”

  1. You’ve raised a good point here, Rohan.

    Personally, there are times when I move too fast to appreciate the small things. And to be honest, the “big” wins didn’t make me that much happier. It’s only when I stop to look around and really appreciate the world that things start to make sense.

    Thanks for sharing!


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