The real cost of weak promises

The real cost of “weak” promises (weak = promises we don’t intend to keep) is that we take our word less seriously, one weak promise at a time.

When viewed in the short term, this doesn’t necessary hurt us much. But, over time, this compounds into us completely losing trust in our own word. The danger lies in the compounding, of course.

The solution?

Don’t say yes when you want to say a no.

If it isn’t a HELL YEAH, it probably is a no.

If you find yourself faced with a promise you regretted making, keep it anyway.

If you do decide to break it, call it out loudly instead of slinking away into the darkness. You should feel the pain when you don’t keep commitment.

We learn to trust ourselves by keeping one promise at a time. And, if you can’t trust yourself, why should anyone else?

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2 thoughts on “The real cost of weak promises”

  1. I think to really get this you need to actually make some promises and then keep them.

    My suggestion:
    Every day for the next 30 days (today is day #1), make an easy promise to someone in the morning. It might be “I will get paper towels at the grocery store” or “I will teach you how to use email” or “I will finish my US History paper”. It’s important that you are saying it out loud to someone else. Then follow through before midnight. If you find that it is truly impossible, then apologize to the person and say you won’t do it. Also find another small promise to make and keep before the day is over.

    You will be changed at the end of the month.

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