IQ versus DOT

Growing up, we’re often told implicitly that raw intelligence/IQ or intelligence quotient is a big deal. There are, however, two things we aren’t told.

First, after a point, IQ actually doesn’t matter all that much. Some of the greatest scientists of all times didn’t possess high IQs.

Second, in a battle between raw intelligence and a combination of discipline, organization and thoughtfulness (let’s call them DOT), DOT nearly always wins. And, this is in every measure – from building a successful career to, perhaps the most important, having a good life.

And, the best part? IQ is something we are born with. Discipline, organization and thoughtfulness, on the other hand, are traits we build – much like building our biceps.

And, as far as muscles go, they don’t get more powerful than those.

8 thoughts on “IQ versus DOT”

  1. Agreed! Now to practice discipline, organization and thoughtfulness…

  2. I was thinking about this Rohan- DOT is quite comprehensive but I think drive/ability to take intitiative might just be one more thing that for me personally might complete this! What do you think?

    1. Ah. Most definitely.

      This wasn’t meant to be all encompassing.. haha. But, I think the case for DOTI (initiative) is definitely very strong.

      There’s got to be a better framework for this somewhere…. :)

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