Big Bang vs. The Drip Part II

I wrote about the idea of the big bang vs. the drip the other day.

…we greatly over-estimate the effects of the big bang versus the drip. We love thinking of the big product launch, the epic road trip with friends, the huge award, the incredibly viral post, the prestigious letter of admission and the all-important round of funding. However, as a close friend put it, it isn’t the big decisions that change things. It is the collection of many many small decisions.

Great companies, strong relationships and people of character are built with consistent daily effort.

The timing of that post couldn’t have been better as I had a nice “big bang” event to illustrate the difference. I shared the “Leadership in 1 page” post on LinkedIn Publishing and it went viral. I love LinkedIn publishing for the occasional post as it can reach a lot of people. I thought this post, given it was a synthesis of many years of work, deserved that opportunity. As I write this, the post is closing in on 100,000 views with a proportional number of likes, shares and comments.

While I do love the fact that the learning reached 100,000 people, if one of my objectives was to broaden this blog’s reach (for new readers, it hardly ever is :-)), that post did very little. There are too many big bang events out there. Doing another one just adds to the noise. But, on the other hand, if we take a moment to talk about the drip, that post wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for the effort that went into understand these ideas over the years. Nearly every idea on that post has been blogged about here – that was just a synthesis. The daily drip of effort or slow burn is incredibly powerful.

This isn’t just a marketing lesson. I was amidst a long conversation with a friend yesterday about building worthwhile habits in our life. The lesson? Go for the slow burn. Don’t expect a big bang event that will suddenly transform your life into the ideal one. Instead, focus on one habit at a time and aim for gradual, continuous improvement.

I said this last time and will say again – in the final analysis, the big moments may be worthy of a place on the highlight reel. But, it is the constant drip of effort that will determine how long the highlight reel is.. and, perhaps most importantly, how happy we are when we look back and take stock.

The destination matters – but much lesser than we think. The journey, on the other hand, matters a lot more than we think. And, the journey is all about the drip, the slow burn.

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