Generosity with compliments

If a book has made an impact on you, let the author know.

If you really enjoyed a performance, send a note to the performers.

If an event changed your perspective, write to the organizers.

We often benefit greatly from the efforts of others. Sure, they’re likely doing it because they’re getting something in return – a salary, personal satisfaction, learning, etc. But, compliments generally mean a lot. This is not just because it makes you feel good as a builder (it does). It is because it helps you understand what is working. Generally, you get so much negative feedback about stuff that isn’t working that it becomes fairly easy to zero in on what needs to be fixed. But, it is much tougher to understand what is having impact.

Writing an email to thank someone or complimenting someone as you pass them in the building doesn’t take much. But, it can mean the world to someone and greatly brighten their day or week. It isn’t easy being a builder. There are enough opportunities for you to get knocked down without even getting to all the inevitable feedback.

Compliments go a long way. They don’t cost us much. Let’s make it a habit to be generous with them.

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4 thoughts on “Generosity with compliments”

  1. Hey Rohan! I have been reading your daily blog for probably more than a year now! I like it a lot & get inspired by many of your posts but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to learn from all the ‘learnings’ shared by you due to my own laziness / shortcomings. Still, I have not lost hope with myself. Inspired by your today’s post, just wanted to say Thank You – genuinely, from the core of my heart! Keep it up!:)

    1. Ah – very kind of you to write in, Varun. Thank you so much.

      Hope you are as kind to yourself as well along the way!

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