The Piano Guys

Great music is a very special thing. I love listening to instrumental music when I need to buckle down and focus. Over the last few days, I’ve been tuned into an album called “Wonders” by “The Piano Guys.” I blogged about their wonderful rendition of The Lord of the Rings theme once three years ago. Their continued excellence since has converted me from occasional listener to ardent fan.

If you haven’t spent time listening to The Piano Guys, please consider this a new year’s/birthday/valentine’s day gift from me. The place to start would be their wonderful YouTube channel – aside from incredible music, their videos are very well made.

As hard as it is to share just one of their songs, I’d like to share one of my current favorites – Home by Phillip Phillips.


Thank you, The Piano Guys team, for gifting us with great music and, in my case, productivity.

the piano guys