Stacking meetings and owning your calendar

If ever there was a principle for managing your schedule as a knowledge/office worker, it would be – “Own your calendar.” Until you have help to do this for you, take those few extra minutes every day to own meeting invites yourself where possible. This will enable you to do two things that add value –

1. You can stack meetings so you have more uninterrupted gaps to do focused work
2. You an group meetings on a certain project to avoid unnecessary context switching

While switching contexts fewer times in a day is a big win, I think the biggest benefit is more uninterrupted gaps. As long as you get into the discipline of switching off your notifications during uninterrupted time, these stretches will end up being among the biggest sources of value you add to the world.

An uninterrupted stretch isn’t a guarantee that you’ll end up doing work that matters. But, it sure maximizes the chances.

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