Benefits of laptop crashes

I have a love-hate relationship with Windows. There is more love than hate thanks to comfort bred by familiarity and Microsoft Office. Yes, yes, MS Office is available on a Mac but I don’t think it is nearly the same using Excel on a Mac.

The biggest reason for the hate part of the relationship is Windows Update. It has crashed my laptop twice in the past couple of years and caused all sorts of issues previously. For example, there was an automatic update to Windows 10 last week followed by a “critical update” that caused a crash. Windows has become better about Windows update linked issues and crashes over the years but there are still problems. And, to me, it speaks to the complexity of ensuring compatibility across devices produced by so many different manufacturers. When it comes to user experience, there are many benefits to complete vertical integration.

A bright side to these crashes is that I’ve learned to become very nimble when it comes to my data – thanks to a combination of Dropbox Pro for my files, Lastpass and Chrome sign in for all things browser, 2 Gmail accounts that bring together all personal email accounts, and the awesome Ninite installer, it takes me about an hour to get set up on a new laptop. Dropbox Pro deserves special credit as I even had a paid subscription to Crashplan before switching to Dropbox Pro. The Dropbox user experience is so much better.

I’ve learnt that I’m most attached to my laptop among my devices. I could comfortably go a few days without my phone but it is my laptop that makes me feel “in control.” So, these systems go a long way in making sure I don’t have too much trouble when things go south.

As the wise Rafiki says – “You can either run from it… or learn from it.”

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