KIS – MBA Learnings

As I reflected on my graduate school experience the other day, I was reminded of the fact that there have been many unsung heroes who’ve gone a long way in making this experience meaningful and memorable. While I naturally thought of the many support staff at school who’ve helped with the many “small things,” the office of student affairs with whom I’ve partnered on a bunch of occasions, among others, I thought of a group that has been ever present through the experience – KIS or Kellogg Information Systems.

KIS has had a huge impact on my experience in two ways –
1. The support side of the  team has risen to the occasion every time I’ve had an issue to my laptop. Just this Sunday, I had a Windows update crash my laptop. I requested KIS for help by Monday morning and my laptop was ready by Monday evening. I’ve had a few of these over the past year – not every one of them had as smooth a resolution. But, when I needed them, KIS have always been there – supportive and helpful.
They’ve also put up with my requests for shared mailboxes for every team I’ve led as they’re wonderful tools for collaboration. After some initial hiccups as it was an unusual request, we’ve got on great on this front too.

2. The events side of the team, on the other hand, has been a true partner that has played a role in the success of every event I’ve organized. My events have rarely been plain vanilla events and, as a result, the requests have consistently pushed them – “Can you get a seamless Skype/video call experience with state-of-the-art microphones? Can you now record this call? Can you live stream it to the next room? Can you set up the auditorium differently? How about the lighting in this place? Can you set up a nice looking stage?” They’ve always answered in the affirmative, always been constructive, and when things have gone wrong, they have always risen to the occasion.

The KIS team, to me, represent all the wonderful support I’ve received here as a student. They don’t just their job – they go the extra mile. And, it shows.

As I thought about the KIS team and all the support staff, I realized that, every little thing that is done well, is a lot like a human pyramid – it has more people supporting it than we often realize. So, when things go well, it helps to pause and give thanks to all those who made something work. It takes an understanding and appreciation of all the pieces that make something work to build systems that work yourself.

Thank you, KIS, and all the support staff from team Kellogg.

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