The Apple Pay moment

I took a quick look at tickets for Kung Fu Panda 3 a few days ago on my laptop. As soon as I found them, I did something that I’d never done – I pulled out my phone, opened the Fandango app, found the movie and paid via Apple Pay (i.e. by just placing my thumb on the home button).

I generally make sure I do my online shopping on my laptop. I find it much easier to type in card details on my keyboard vs. on the phone. And, in most cases, there are plenty of auto fill options that make the process faster.

But, every time I’ve used Apple Pay on my phone, I have loved it. It just makes me feel good as I think of all the typing I’ve just avoided. And, even if my last experience buying tickets was a good 6 weeks back, I still remember the feeling.

This was definitely one of those moments when I noticed my behavior as a user, paused for a moment to observe myself and then said – “Wow!”

Apple Pay hasn’t taken off yet. But, I’m long on its prospects. It removes friction – and that’s what great products do.

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