Would it help?

In the movie “The Bridge of Spies,” Tom Hanks’ character, James Donovan, strikes a lovely unlikely friendship with the convicted Soviet spy, Rudolph Abel. After Donovan’s first meeting with the judge, the following exchange takes place.

Rudolf Abel: How did we do?
James Donovan: In there? Uh, not too good. Apparently you’re not an American citizen.
Rudolf Abel: That’s true.
James Donovan: And according to your boss, you’re not a Soviet citizen either.
Rudolf Abel: Well, the boss isn’t always right but he’s always the boss.
James Donovan: Do you never worry?
Rudolf Abel (in a tone that is politely curious): Would it help?

There are, I think, 2 other moments in the movie when Hanks mentions something potentially worrying and, surprised by Abel’s calm reaction, asks – “Aren’t you worried about that?”


To which, Abel always asks – “Would it help?”

Such an inspiring attitude towards problems and worry. One for us to take forward into the new year.

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  1. Freakin’ great question! Perhaps the first question that should be asked before proceeding! Happy New Year Rohan!

      1. Agreed – Hanks was really good too.

        Not sure where you’re situated, R, but I can heartily recommend the BBC’s TV Series ‘Wolf Hall’ if you can get it (and of course if you like English history!). It’s the first time I’d actually seen Rylance and was absolutely gobsmacked (as the English would say) at his performance – as with his playing of Abel, understated brilliance. The story is all about Thomas Cromwell who is very famous in UK history.

        BTW, I managed to finally get to see the new Star Wars (in 3D – my first time – amazing) so – judging by your avatar pic – you’ll be pleased to know I was absolutely ecstatic that Disney have brought back the ‘old’ method rather than the rubbish that Lucas descended into. Yeah, it’s still a Good vs Bad standard story, but who cares? It took me back almost forty years to the first film and I can see why everybody that saw it was so happy.

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