Tension everywhere

For managers – between structure and ambiguity.

For CEO’s – between centralization and decentralization.

For survey creators – between question rich surveys that will yield many an insight and shorter surveys that will actually be completed.

For teachers and coaches – between the stretch zone and panic zone.

For us – between life, work and everything else we want to prioritize.

… and so on.

Tension is a key part of what makes anything great. It is impossible to get something “just right” without the right amount of tension. And, getting it “just right” requires us to accept the fact that it’ll exist, embrace the idea that we won’t always get it right and keep plugging away.
tensionTension accompanies us at every step and in every decision we make. Great strategy is making decisions with a clear understanding of the tension/trade-offs involved. As with most challenging life lessons, awareness is the first step.