To Think List

First draft of my “to think” list for the next 2 weeks.

  1. A think-week tradition dedicated to my craft. Bill Gates used to take a week off to think about work. I’d love to do some version of the same. I had taken a few days last year to summarize my thinking on tech in 2014 in preparation for internship interviews. Perhaps I do another round of that?
  2. Re-evaluate my social media use and strategy. There’s a lot to think about here. Key questions are – how do I use the various tools?, how should I be using them?
  3. Re-evaluate my phone + laptop use and strategy. As above.
  4. Annual review – focused on getting prepared for re-entry into work. While the preparation for work has been in progress since August, 2015 was my full year as a graduate student. Looking forward to thinking about the next step.

Here’s to making headway down this list.

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