Relax hard

We talk about working hard, partying hard, studying hard, and playing hard. We don’t talk nearly enough about relaxing hard.

One of the best things I’ve learnt to do is to relax hard. This means switching off from anything that sounds remotely productive, sleeping till you’ve paid back any remaining sleep debt from the past few months, lying in bed till you’re actually tired of lying in bed and feeling completely at peace with all of this.

There’s probably a hundred scientific studies out there that tell us why this matters. But, do we really need a scientific study to tell us this?

Growing up with my mom, I learnt that relaxing hard actually doesn’t require much. Certainly no fancy vacation required. You can do it at home with near zero expense – all you need is the right mindset. Fix that and you can have an incredible vacation right at home. That was a valuable lesson – it is all in the mind, after all, and a big part of being happy is simply not wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else. Thanks mom.

So, this weekend, I hope you consider relaxing hard. Forget the task list for a day and enjoy taking time off. The task list will still be there tomorrow. You can get to it, then.

Relax enough and you will re-enter feeling more energized and productive. Re-entry is always powerful.