Discuss the flaws – The 200 words project

Imagine someone marches in to your office to tell you that your recent decision to try out plan A sucks and that plan Z is better. The usual instinct is to listen and then repeat the argument for why your decision is the right one.

Dave Hitz, founder of NetApp, handles opposition on decisions differently. He focuses the conversation on all the flaws of a decision. So, in this case,  he’d explain that Plan Z is reasonable – not only because of the reasons outlined but also because of two additional reasons. And, plan A not only has the issues you pointed out but three others.

He found that people found this openness very relieving. It made them understand that a good process was followed in making the decision (Dave saw to that) and that was typically the main reason for their concerns. Dave and his team understood that, while individual decisions may be occasionally wrong, the right process would be the best possible long term ally in their decision making.

Don’t confuse bad results with bad decisions. Worry about a bad decision process. Don’t worry about a bad result. Good decisions lead to good results in the long run. – Ken Crouse

Source and thanks to: Decisive by Chip Heath and Dan Heath