Consistent greatness

Once in a while, when you see sparks of greatness, it is only natural to stand up and applaud.

However, if that greatness becomes a daily occurrence, it is only a while before you start taking it for granted. These acts of greatness can be in any sphere – a teammate who scores wonderful goals every time you go out to play, a spouse who takes care of you incredibly well every day, a parent who showers you with unconditional love and affection every time you spend time with them, a friend who is always around when you need her, an employer who takes great care of you at work, or a teammate who never shows up to a meeting unprepared.

This is why managing expectations is not just a good life skill, it is also a key ingredient to happiness. Because, the moment our expectations go up, we lose sight of consistent greatness. We become like the bangle seller in front of the Taj Mahal who doesn’t appreciate the genius in front of him.

And that is truly one of life’s greatest tragedies… because, I would argue that it isn’t really greatness if it isn’t consistent.

And, if we aren’t able to see and appreciate greatness, what the hell are we doing here anyway?